The world is changing faster than ever before. Digital disruption poses unique challenges for the education and research sector, however, it is also providing new opportunities to deliver research and to produce graduates primed for success in a fast-paced, international environment.

In this increasingly globalised setting, connectedness is vital for an institution such as The University of Queensland (UQ). By pursuing excellence in discovery, learning, and engagement, UQ is committed to transforming its successes into far-reaching benefits for communities around the world.

Our Global Strategy positions UQ to become Australia’s most globally connected university. Internationally, it aims to develop the University’s global impact and to maintain our prestigious ranking as one of the world’s top 50 universities. Focused on delivering measurable and sustainable outcomes and committed to supporting the ‘One UQ’ culture, UQ’s Global Strategy is primarily driven by three of UQ’s six foundations for future success: student success, leading research, and global connectedness.

Student success

UQ will offer a transformative student experience by equipping graduates with the skills, insight and experience to thrive in the international sphere, coupled with employers’ conviction that UQ graduates are recognised worldwide as “must have” employees. Student (and staff) mobility also contributes to greater diversity, understanding, awareness and crosscultural affinity, which may in turn improve national and international prosperity through strengthened relations.

Leading research

UQ partners with esteemed public and private partners internationally to deliver cutting-edge research that contributes timely solutions to the biggest challenges of our time. With this in mind, the Global Strategy supports opportunities for international research partnerships with world-class institutions, government, and industry bodies, which can be leveraged to secure further international research funding and to attract leading academics and staff.

Global connectedness

By continuing to foster and develop key research partnerships and strategic alliances with international institutions and organisations, UQ and its global partners will mutually benefit from increased academic, research, and reputational reach. Partnerships improve productivity and maximise access to finite funding sources and costly high-quality research infrastructure and equipment. Importantly, international people-to-people links offer mutual benefits for industry partners who gain access to broad networks of knowledge. The direction and scope of the UQ Global Strategy is shaped by a number of international drivers and the global priorities outlined in the UQ Strategic Plan. As a result, this Strategy is integral to pursuing UQ’s overarching vision. We recognise that delivering true knowledge leadership requires a highly effective partnership network across all sectors and all regions of the world, as well as a whole-of-institution commitment to create positive change for students, staff, and global communities.