The Global Strategy Framework has been developed to support UQ’s overarching goal of global connectedness to ensure stronger integration of country and partner engagement initiatives.

It does so by adopting a targeted approach to engagement through the identification of priority countries and partners with whom the University maintains highly engaged relationships. It also emphasises where we should continue to sharpen our focus on growing beneficial and sustainable collaborations that deliver outcomes. The framework comprises a suite of documents: country strategies, the Partner Engagement Strategy, and strategic partnership plans.

Comprehensive country strategies

Global Engagement delivers high level strategies for UQ’s priority countries, which outline how UQ will seek to engage with and position itself within the country across teaching, research, government, industry, and alumni engagement. Each strategy defines key research synergies and themes, strategic partners, and funding mechanisms and seeks to align itself with bilateral government priorities.

Partner Engagement Strategy

The Partner Engagement Strategy details UQ’s approach to prioritising and coordinating strategic partnerships and provides a full list of partners with whom UQ has a formal agreement in place. The Partner Engagement Strategy is updated annually. 

Strategic partnership plans

Three-year plans are developed for key strategic partners, which define UQ’s collaborative relationship, existing linkages, priority areas, and plans for future engagement. These plans operate as a blueprint for driving highly productive and mutually beneficial partnerships. The priority countries in which UQ seeks to focus engagement for 2018-2021 are:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • United States of America
  • Brazil
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • China
  • Singapore
A number of additional countries will also receive continued attention as emerging priority areas, including ChileMexicoFranceCanada, and Vietnam. Global Engagement will continue to monitor a number of countries that are strategically important to faculty-level or student recruitment activities, or are predicted to rise in accordance with shifting global trends or the University’s priorities.

The strategy recognises that, in order to be successful, UQ must remain focused in its approach and channel its time and resources in the most effective way possible. While our strategic intent in each of the priority countries will vary based on the context as detailed in the individual documents, these established and emerging markets have been selected as strategically important for UQ’s global positioning and impact across the spectrum of research, teaching and learning, and industry engagement.

Significant impact in terms of meaningful, productive partnerships and heightened profile, particularly within some emerging economies, can only be fully realised through sustained commitment with priority countries. Some of these longer-term outcomes may not be achieved within this three-year period; however, these strategies will be instrumental to UQ’s overarching vision.

A key element of the new Global Strategy Framework is the associated Partner Engagement Strategy that enables UQ to prioritise and support the development of strategic alliances that enhance global connectedness and achieve stronger, mutually beneficial outcomes from our established and emerging institutional relationships.